The Company was founded by Mr. Sayan Nakkiaew with experience in chillers and air conditioning system for more than 35 years.  The business began with installation and maintenance of air conditioner and cooling system for over 15 years.   Then the activities were expanded to manufacture industrial chillers, including the opening of a chiller production shop named Ritchai Cool Engineering Service to manufacture and assemble the chillers according to purchase orders since the year 2000.

           The highlight of the product is the structure made of 304 stainless steel.      In those days, most chillers remained spray- paint metal.   Besides, distinctive features include the design of cooling coil and unique copper pipe system of Ritchai Cool Engineering Service as well as standard equipment under the slogan:  Choose Quality Choose RTC, which have always received good response from the customers.

            Subsequently, the establishment of an additional company was registered on 4 August 2016 under the name of Ritchaitech Co., Ltd., including the opening of a new chiller factory for increasing the capacity to produce chillers and standards higher than ever under the new slogan, i.e. Quality than Quantity.



Due to long experience, so it can be said that Ritchaitech Co., Ltd. and Ritchai Cool Engineering Service have designed, manufactured, sold and installed industrial chillers directly, which have been distributed to the dealers for several decades as well.   Therefore, we specialize in chillers with readiness to provide advice, counsel on chillers for the customers.     We manufacture the chillers according to customer requirements by using high quality components, thick copper pipe, a bending method instead of joints reliably.    Besides, the structure of the machine is made of 304 stainless steel, hence no problem of decay, corrosion when used for a long time.     We are a direct chiller manufacturer according to the buyers’ orders.  Also, the prices are more reasonable than those of the common market by comparing with each chiller using materials and equipment of similar quality definitely.     As a result, you can be assured that the quality and features of our chillers meet the requirements.